I feel I can now write basic letters that are visually appealing to a viewer. I didn’t have confidence walking into this class, but I left confident walking out. :)
— Rhiannon M. March 4th, 2017

I recently taught at the University of Waterloo on March 4th, 2017 to a group of 20 students. Here I taught them the basics of calligraphy. You could have heard a pin drop all day, as the students were completely into it! You can see it in the pictures, how all their heads are down and writing. Their reviews were awesome as they found it to be very relaxing, inspiring and enjoyed learning every step.

From another student:
"Calligraphy, in general ...I have always admired calligraphy. It's so beautiful! I never imagined that I'd be able to write so beautifully! I'm so glad I now know how to write a "F" and "T" they are by far the prettiest!"              
Venetia B. March 4, 2017