Calligraphy & Handwriting Lessons

Diane has taught different lettering styles and graphic arts since the 70's, and is now offering calligraphy lessons in response to many requests.

These lessons give you a one-on-one personal guidance to master this skill, no matter if you are a beginner or at a more advanced level.  Diane will assess your current skill and then guide you from there to achieve "beautiful hand lettering". 

If you are interested to improve your own hand writing, Diane also offers lessons to accomplish cursive hand writing. 

Diane is currently accepting new registrants for her private lessons. Email 

Diane is happy to provide you another option of learning calligraphy through her online course.
The first one is now available. Calligraphy - The Basics.
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Anyone can acquire this skill......welcome to your  Lessons by Diane.

Learn more about Calligraphy - The Art of Beautiful Penmanship through my book.