Testimonials for Lessons

Another session has come to an end. I’ve been so grateful to have Diane as my calligraphy teacher! I could not believe that I have finally learned all of the letters and numbers in the Chancery style. It’s been fun and also exciting as you do a lot of writing with your imaginations in this endless path! It is a great accomplishment and I will definitely keep practicing to get better and better. Thank you again Diane!
— Gloria L. - December 11, 2018
I learned to have the 45 degree angle, and to never change the position once I have it there. I learned to work slower and feel I mastered the letter F.
— Carla - December 11, 2018
Some letters are better and easier to do than others! I definitely need more practice!
— Shauna - December 11, 2018
I now can write a beautiful T and an F in Chancery.
— Daniela - December 11, 2018
I can hold the pen at a 45 degree angle and work slowly! I learned the rule not to go over a stroke once made, and don’t use too much water for the pen.
— Olivia - December 11, 2018
I learned that I am good at serifs! I am not great at writing slowly and definitely need more practice.
— Katie A. - December 11, 2018
I learned to hold the pen properly and how to control the pen.
— Belicia - December 11, 2018
I learned to work slower and take my time. The F was my best letter. I need to learn how to not get ink on my finger. lol
— Samantha - December 11, 2018
I learned 45 degrees is the key to doing calligraphy.
— Adrie - December 11, 2018
I master holding the calligraphy at the correct angle as a lefty!
— Adrienne - December 11, 2018
That was the most rewarding lesson! I now know how to properly write with a calligraphy pen. I have so much more to learn but I am starting to understand the methodology. Diane was a wonderfully comprehensive teacher. I hope to engage in more lessons to perfect the skill. Thank you!
— Jane G. December 11, 2018
Believe it or not, I think my handwriting has improved as a result of Diane’s Calligraphy training! Thank you!
— Ben H. December 11, 2018
It’s so exciting to be forming words (and now sentences!) and to see it all coming together!!!...
Practice time is really enjoyable and I can’t wait to get practicing tonight!!
— Geoffrey F. November 14th, 2018
It’s been a continuing pleasure to have lessons with Diane. Her skills are professional, yet her teaching is fun and She is very patient to guide through step by step. I love her lessons as well as my practices at home. I’m looking forward to spending more time with Diane and getting more in depth in my calligraphy path.
— Gloria L. September 17th, 2018
Remarkable success overall
I didn’t think, looking at the letters before learning them that I would be able to actually do them and make them look so nice. And with consistent practice I am even getting better and better. I find the practicing and the lessons very therapeutic — a chance to slow right down in a crazy digitally driven world. Calligraphy time is now “MY” time and I enjoy that fully and look forward to learning more and practicing all summer. What a beautiful skill to learn and master”
— Geoffrey F. July 18, 2018
Learning how to do Calligraphy is something I always wanted to do and I finally have time to indulge myself into it. It is totally different from your daily writing and I enjoy every single bit of it. Not only you need to be patient but it also calms your emotion as you go along. I’m not a very artistic person and I’m really bad at doing curves and straight lines. Through the Calligraphy Classes it gives me a lot of confidence and it feels like such an accomplishment when you can conquer the letters. Thanks again Diane!
— Gloria L. - May 22, 2018
I always appreciate the time, patience, and encouragement Diane provides for each lesson. She adapts to the student’s learning style and teaches accordingly. In my case, I am more visual, so Diane breaks down each letter by piece to ensure I learn each letter correctly and efficiently. These courses have provided the perfect foundation for a hobby in penmanship and calligraphy that will last for many years to come.
— Manuel L. - Februrary 21, 2018
-Putting the nib properly on the paper using a 45 degree angle.
-Being able to trace full lines and thinner lines
-Using different techniques to allow me to create various letters
-How to get my pen to work!!! Not pushing the nib on the paper —> it does not work!
-Being proud of letters that are done properly
-Enjoying this art form. Very fulfilling!!
— France C. December 5th, 2017
Practicing is very therapeutic and calming. I’m happy to have a complete alphabet to be able to practice at home and hopefully improve!
It’s been great to learn and improve upon writing in a straight line - as a left-handed individual - this is tough for me!
— Alexandra C. H. August 24, 2017
Diane has taught me this beautiful artform at a pace and method that was easy to absorb. I feel like I have the skills and learnings to go out into the world and create beautiful calligraphy. I’m getting married in a few months and I’m planning to address some of my envelopes myself. Thank you Diane, for sharing your knowledge and talent to those of us who want to preserve the written word for years to come.
— Fazeen H. March 31, 2017
I feel comfortable using a calligraphy pen and have gotten better at applying basic calligraphy techniques in my weekly lessons and practice.
— Nari J. March 30, 2017
I am now able to write both cursive and calligraphy comfortably.
Learning each stroke and its intrecacies is a pleasure with Diane’s tutelage.
I am eagerly waiting to learn more!
— Manuel L. Feb. 15, 2017
I have come a long way in my handwriting. Diane has taught me to pay close attention to every word and letter I write; it’s height, size, and the way it connects in a sentence. I am quite pleased with my progress to date.
— Vick K. January 24, 2017
I feel I’ve improved my basic strokes and the way I hold the pen, although I sometimes forget to hold it at a 45 degree angle!
I’ve made progress in terms of the letters I learned and the amount of time needed to perfect each one.
I’m happy with what I’ve learned so far and have enjoyed every session.
Diane is an excellent, patient instructor whom I highly recommend if you’re interested in learning calligraphy.
— Nari J. December 8th, 2016
I have enjoyed these lessons with Diane. Calligraphy has intrigued me for some time and my daughter arranged for my lessons as a Christmas gift. I have now learned the techniques of the Chancery Upper Case letters and this has given me plenty to practice. I look forward to the time when my practice pays off with the ability to print with ease, and to end up with a beautiful product. ie: card, placecards, letter, etc.
Thank you Diane for your patience and strong attention to the tiniest of details. Perhaps we will meet again.
— Nancy P. October 11, 2016
My success is in the handwriting skills that I have learned. It is now my new hobby and my writing is legible. My handwriting has improved considerably. I receive many compliments on my writing. It has become a very relaxing hobby for me.
— Manuel L. - March 2016
I really liked learning about the little details each letter has. I just find the whole learning experience very calming which makes me want to practice more!
— S.S., July 2009
The whole experience of learning about calligraphy, in particular the Chancery style, has been a real “eye opener”. Hands on learning was quite challenging, with the end result being quite rewarding.

Knowing that I can now write the alphabet and numbers enables me to address envelopes, write out poems, letter correspondence and much more.

Thanks to Diane’s professionalism, she has helped to move me ahead faster than if I taught myself. I now have a great appreciation of what the masters do with this art/craft.
— August 2009
I am pleased that I have added to my knowledge of calligraphy and moreso all those who teach—their knowledge is priceless, and I am more and more appreciative of what Diane does in her career.

Thanks for all that you do for me Diane. How privileged I am to be your student in calligraphy. I look forward to be one of the illuminated ones in the future!
— H.M., November 2009
Starting off I thought that I may have a hard time learning since I am not very artistic and do not have the most beautiful handwriting. Diane was extremely patient and took the time to ensure I learned every stroke and felt comfortable with my progress. I am extremely happy with what I’ve learned thus far and look forward to improving my skills. I would recommend Diane to anyone looking to learn calligraphy.
— Ana, October 2008
I am really pleased with my new skill. I have learned so much in these lessons and each week things get better and easier.
— Kim, May 2010
I always believed that I had the potential to express my artistic side; for years I would write letters to family and friends back home finishing off with my calligraphy style on each envelope! Now with the help of Diane my style has reached a standard of professionalism which myself and family can enjoy! Thanks for your beautiful talent Diane. I look forward to the rest of our journey through the Spirit of Calligraphy!!
— Allison, May 2010
I am learning to “slow down”! Diane has shown me a whole new artistic world and I am so eager to continue!
From the moment I first contacted you about lessons, I just had a good feeling about what was going to transpire! You and your lessons have been a sheer pleasure and I am feeling such a glow of accomplishment. I look forward to continuing and maybe someday being your apprentice!
— Nancy, October 2010
I find learning and practicing calligraphy very rewarding. In any stressful situation, I whip out my pen and write. For all of the five or ten minutes that I practice, the results are wonderful. I feel relaxed, grounded and focused. I am a novice and impatiently look forward to being able to write as beautifully as my teacher.
— Sabera, June 2010
I’ve really learned to stop and take my time with calligraphy. This is very enjoyable with the hustle and bustle of life going on around me. Diane has been very patient and understanding with me being a beginner. I find myself leaving class very relaxed!
— Sarah, May 2010
Since starting my calligraphy lessons with Diane, I have fallen in love with the art of calligraphy. Each lesson was an enjoyable and relaxing hour. I really enjoyed my time learning this beautiful art form.
— Sarah, July 2010
My journey so far has been one of learning and friendship! Diane is a wonderful human being with a huge heart, and her talent inspires me and motivates me to keep going and achieve my dreams in calligraphy! I am blessed. Thanks Diane
— Allison, December 2010
I just wanted to say thank you again for the calligraphy classes. I truly enjoyed each class and learned a lot, the five weeks went by so fast! You’re a great and patient teacher!
— Tina, March 2011
With only five lessons I dramatically changed my handwriting for life!
— D.L., May 2011
I really enjoyed working with Diane. She is passionate about calligraphy, and she transferred it to me. Now I love to write every night before I go to sleep. I enjoy writing in front of others. I will recommend her to anybody who I feel needs to improve their handwriting.
— L.M., March, 2007
These classes have opened up my eyes to calligraphy!
I have enjoyed coming to Diane’s studio for the past couple of weeks and learning under her patient guidance.
I definitely want to pursue and practice more in the near future.
— C.C., December, 2008
I had a real interesting discovery with the calligraphy classes. It is not about having a
distraction or a new hobby. It is an art that demands attention, patience, and passion to
do it properly and of course a lot of practice, practice, practice...
Having the opportunity to have a class one-on-one is the greatest part because it pushes
you more and more to always do it better.
Thank you Diane! It has been great!
— C.C., August, 2008
Before starting my calligraphy lessons with Diane, I had never held a calligraphy pen, let alone tried to write a letter. From my very first lesson, Diane was patient and very encouraging of my process (and was especially accommodating to my left-handedness!).
Each letter seemed to come easier than the previous and I found myself eagerly anticipating what would come at the next lesson. It’s been very rewarding to see my progress each week, and I’m excited to continue my lessons and become more confident with my calligraphy.
Thank you Diane!
— A.B., March, 2008