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Calligraphy: THE EASY WAY

Book on "How to do Calligraphy" complete with your kit. 
Kit comes with a nice magnetic close case.

You get 3 calligraphy pens with 3 different size nibs, a dipping pen, dipping brush, small bottle of black ink, 5 different colour ink cartridges, 4 tubes of gauche paints for decorative borders, projects pieces, note cards and wine bottle tags, my published book on how to do calligraphy, pad of practice paper, projects covered at the back of the book.


Diane's first published book is included with this kit.

Book goes over the history of calligraphy, lessons on how to do calligraphy, starting with basics and goes into the whole Chancery lettering style.

Projects are covered off at the back of the book, on what you could do with this style.